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Heather Renaux

Heather Renaux

After creating an under painting in acrylic, I use a glazing technique where I paint the image in monochromatic tones…

Anna Stark

Stark is a self taught painter that focuses on realistic subjects that pull on nostalgic heart strings. She uses oil…

Heidi Haugen

Subject matter is wildlife and nature. My technique is very detailed using Acrylic paint.

Katia Andreeva

Wet-on-wet watercolor technique with dry lifting on hot-pressed paper, largely using sepia tones.

Olga Krasovska

Acrylic Paintings consisting of subtle and coarse textures with reflective metallic surfaces.

Sean Miller

I create mostly Midwest landscape paintings in either Oil on gesso board or Gouache on 300lb hot press watercolor paper.

Tyler Maddaus

Ever since I can remember I have had a passion and desire to create. Growing up I would constantly think…

Theresa Gonet

I freehand paint and stencil wood lazy susans using metal reactive paints. What makes this unique is that I can…

Timothy Kobs

I use acrylic paint on hardboard glazing with multiple layers to achieve vibrant detailed paintings.

Spencer Hahne

Original oil paintings, using traditional techniques, on recycled board or canvas.

Susan Anderson

I use watercolor, acrylic, and oil based pens on paper and canvas.